Welcome to S. Peter’s Collegiate School

Our Academy seeks to be a worshipping Christian community built on agape (unconditional love), courage, trust and forgiveness. Our mission is to educate the whole person, so that each may be enabled to unlock their full God-given potential.

We are an 11-18 Church of England Academy which has served the community of Wolverhampton since the school was founded in 1844. This is a highly successful Academy where Christian values are at the heart of everything we do. Our much loved family school embraces innovative teaching and learning within a caring, loving and secure environment. Our continually evolving outstanding curriculum offers breadth, choice and flexibility to provide an enjoyable and stimulating experience for all our students. It is firmly rooted in the Christian Gospel and embraces tolerance and respect for all other religious traditions represented in Wolverhampton. We strive to ensure that every student is encouraged to unlock their God-given potential and we would be delighted if you were to choose S. Peter’s for your child’s secondary education.

S. Peter’s aims to provide a curriculum which is relevant to the needs and aspirations of all our students and which engages students’ interest and commitment. The curriculum is enriched by an excellent careers education and guidance programme, which makes a significant contribution to preparing students thoroughly for the world of work.

The school has identified core Christian values which are at the heart of what we are about as a Church of England faith school: Love (Agape), courage and perseverance, compassion, faith, hope and trust, forgiveness, friendship and community and humility. Although we are a Christian school we consider it extremely important that students of all religious backgrounds are valued.