Films were made by Year 9 drama students who have worked on a short scheme of work to explore the National Theatre’s recent filmed production of Romeo and Juliet. As a partner school with the National Theatre we had access to the film for a month to share with our students and a box of props, resources and lesson ideas for exploration of the text, design, choreography and direction of the production.

These resources were used primarily with Year 7 and Year 9.Year 9’s task asked them to explore creating a trailer for the film which depicted the key scenes of the play. The plan was for me to record these using the department video camera, however, students recorded their work themselves and used their individual skills to edit these videos using filters and music etc to create the final pieces.

Each group divided up the roles of actor, director, designer and editor and these are the final result. I have shared them with our contact at the National Theatre and they were blown away with the quality of the work of these Year 9 students.

They commented…  “Thank you so much for sharing these. They’re SO good! I have shared with the team to have a watch and please congratulate your students from us. They’ve done a fantastic job.” Oliver Branton.

Year 7 explored the masked ball, making their own masks and for some classes learning the choreography of the dance done by actors in that scene of the film. They also did a practical assessment piece using tableaux and narration to depict the key scenes of the play in a whole class performance.
It has been a fantastic experience working in partnership with the National Theatre and the students have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Group 1 Hannah Cadwallader, Tom Mcdonald, Josef Maslanyj, Harman Sandhu, Zain Ali, Steven Adisina, Ngoni Mutambiranwa, Bethany Dodd, Faith Bailey.

Group 1 Video

Group 2 Aobh Peterson, D’Arcy Peterson, Pareesa Jagdev, Hela Flores, Bethany Wood, Lilian Ezenwa, Ashantae Lewis, Callum Blake.

Group 2 Video