Rachel Ackah in year 8 has won the Unison West Midlands Poem Competition for Black history month. Rachel was presented with the award in worship yesterday. Read the poem below.

What Black History Month Means to Me


Rachel Ackah

Black is my half

Asian is my other

Black from my dad

Asian from my mother

Everyone, publicly

Can see

That brown is key

From inside of me

All of the hardships my black half has faced

Running away from home

Almost like a disgrace

Born after the second world war

An ancient artefact

With stories to share

Forever loved

Forever there

I gotta shout it out

Imma special in my own way

All the pain the Asian in my right had to go through

Kidnapped and thrown about

Near death,


Reality is firm,

After all mistakes, you learn

For years and years they had to move on

Bullying, assault, illness and disease

Bereavement, new life, betrayals and miracles

And one of those miracles is me!

Because black is my half

Asian is my other

Black from my dad

Asian from my mother

Rachel commented:

“Of course I felt happy that I won, but this was not only because I was proud of what I wrote but because of what my parents shared with me about their experiences of their lives. My parents have a special role in my life and if it wasn’t for them I would not be the person that I am. Of course everyone can say this about their parents but their stories have had a great impact on me, especially the challenges they faced. And if it wasn’t for God, who has helped them through their challenges in life, they could be somewhere else, doing something else instead of being there for me”.

“When we worked on the competition in classes we had several excellent entries. However, from the moment we read Rachel’s heartfelt and powerful poem we all felt as a community that it was incredibly special and we are all very proud of her at S. Peter’s”
– Julie Priestley and the English Department.