The year 8 athletics team (pictured) have followed up the earlier successes of the year 9 and 10 teams with strong performances at the city Sportshall athletics competition. The girls team finished fourth, very narrowly behind second and third, and the boys finished third, demonstrating particularly strong performances in the field events.

The year 10 team got the season off to a great start, with the boys coming fourth and the girls second.  The year 9 team have qualified to represent Wolverhampton in the Black Country School Games in March after the girls and boys teams finished first and second respectively.

Well done to all pupils who have been involved with Sportshall athletics this year and good luck to the year 9’s in the Black Country Games. Thank you also to the year 11’s (Simone McKen, Miracle Ahme, Maiya Grant, Myah Wright, Jead Clarke and Sisqo Lambert) who have volunteered to be young leaders at the events following the completion of their Sports Leadership Award. They all represented the school superbly in the way the conducted themselves lead the events.

Year 8 – Nate Ross-Plummer, Will Evans, Melvin Riley, Greg Bennett, David Chinyio, Louis Brennan, Ethan Marenda-Dheensa. Tom Watson, Phoenix Russell-Sheppard, Jorgie Pendrous, Olivia Davies, Caitlin Hughes, Tiana Stanley, Marika Graham, Sanjana Balu and Cinny Tsado.

Year 9 – Jack Duffy, Kyle Chang, Amar Brown-Hartley, Harry Dyall, Matt Hogg, Jayden Plummer, Joe Watson, Callum Astley-Weah, Amelia Samuels, Ellie Larkin, Zoe Brickley, Zoe Critchlow. Lois Ross-Plummer and Kelsey Edwards.

Year 10 – Emilia Ferrara, Laura Evans, Tianna DeFreitas, Melissa McLaren, Megan Sheldon, Coral Thacker, Katie Mitchell, Jacob Watson, Luke Brough, Matt Nicholds, Dominic Vincent, Kai Kehler, Nick Wright, Rohan Gaddu, Chad Brandrick