Welcome Back

Dear Parents, Carers and Students.

We offer the warmest of welcomes to our Year 10 and 12 students, who return to school from the 15th June.  This provision has been achieved under the strictest of controls as directed by the Government to ensure the safety of our students and staff on-site and all of our families and the wider community off-site.

Due to these guidelines, we are unable to have large numbers of people in school at the same time and therefore students will only be allowed into school at the invited dates and times.  We will communicate this information to students via email and text messages to parent/carer contact mobiles.

Return to School Letter

Please read in full our back to school letter here

What will the school be like?

Below is a video of how School will function when you return.

Have our Policies and Procedures Changed?

In line with government guidelines, we have added supplementary information to some of our school policies and procedures. Please read the new documents below carefully.

Risk Assessment

Re-opening Powerpoint

Behaviour Policy Addendum

Safeguarding Policy Addendum 2

What do we expect from you?

We understand that these rules and restrictions will feel very unfamiliar and will require vigilance and concentration in order to maintain them, but for everyone’s long term health we must insist that they are complied with and implemented by everyone on site. Please be signposted again to the risk assessment above, along with the google slide presentation and the virtual tour, which we would encourage you to read and discuss with your child before they attend school. Reassure your child that everything will be explained to them further and any questions they have will be answered when they arrive at school for the first time.

Click Here for a Sample Timetable

When will I be invited in?

Dear Parents/Carers,

You will receive a text message informing you of the days that your son/daughter will be invited into school. Students who will be in during next week(15-19th June 2020) have already received an invitation via text message/email.

If you haven’t received a text message your son/daughter will not be in school next week. We intend to contact all remaining parents next week so that you will know which days your son/daughter will be invited into school.

Our New Online Learning Platform

Year 10 students attending school over the coming weeks will get a lesson dedicated to GCSE Pod as part of our intervention strategy, those who can not come into school will be sent a tutorial on how to access our new online learning platform.

How do I log on to GCSE Pod?

For those students who will not be joining us in School during the face to face sessions, please watch this short video on how to access GCSE Pod using your School login details.