Being smartly dressed and ready to learn is part of our ‘Keys to Learning’ and is an important part of developing into responsible young adults. Students are representatives of St. Peter’s whilst in uniform and being smartly dressed will reflect positively on our Academy as a whole. It says we are proud and that we care about ourselves and our Academy.

● Students must not wear jewellery or other items of clothing which are inappropriate for Academy. This includes short or tight-fitting skirts, tight-leg trousers, trainers or any other item of clothing or accessory not described in the uniform list which may be found on the school website.
● Piercings other than one ear piercing in each ear are not allowed. Additional piercings such as eyebrow, lip, nose or tongue are not allowed and students will be asked to remove these.
● Make-up, acrylic or false nails, nail varnish or false eyelashes are not allowed and students will be asked to remove these.
● Shirts must be tucked in neatly.
● Ties must be worn at a reasonable length.
● Hairstyles must fall within the conventions of conservative tradition. Extremes of fashion such as sculpturing, dyeing, facial hair or hair of abnormal length will not be permitted.
● Hairbands must be plain black or navy blue
● No jewellery other than a single stud in each ear, along with a simple, small cross on a chain may be worn for Academy. The Academy takes no responsibility for any jewellery that is worn.