On Sunday, 10 of our students attended a Trailblazer session at the Molineux with Mr Mclean and Miss Wheatcroft, followed by the chance to PLAY ON THE PITCH as part of the Premier League Inspires programme. Liam and colleagues from WWFC lead a session about past and present Wolves stars who paved the way for the diverse male and female players that we see on the pitch today, with our students researching and presenting their findings in the boardroom.
The highlight of the day was the chance to play a round-robin tournament in teams, first with students from Coppice school, and then school vs. school. Students showed outstanding teamwork, leadership skills and quickly worked out tactics with their new teammates. We are pleased to say that the outcome of the final match was S. Peter’s 4 – 1 Coppice; the result was never in doubt! The match was overseen by a trained referee from the club, and all staff are keen to host S. Peter’s students again soon at future events. A huge thank you to all staff at the Molineux for the unforgettable day and the students and parents and carers for their ongoing support of the programme.