During this period of reflection, we think about all our loved ones.

For all those who woke this morning
to the loneliness of bereavement –
the empty bed or chair,
an unaccustomed quietness,
a life now incomplete –
may they know your presence
in the stillness of the day,
and through the love of friends
who offer their condolence.
And in the darker moments
may they reach out to hold your hand
and feel the warmth of the One
who has already passed from death to life
to welcome others into God’s Kingdom.

St Peter’s Day Service

Weekly Prayers


Student’s prayer: Lord God, thank you for who you are. For your goodness and graciousness even in such times as this. Lord give us strength to always look for your good in every situation and to always act in kindness no matter the circumstance. 

I ask for your grace this week so that whatever comes my way I will have strength to get through. Thank you, that as I put my trust in you, I am able to know more of you each day. Amen


Hello Dear God, it’s me again. I am awake and ready for the week ahead. Thank you for giving me all I really need. Being with you is a good thing. When I struggle with things this week, in personal life, school life or family life, help me to trust in you as I seek to understand the World around me. When I am celebrating, cheerful and enjoying life, help me to be thankful for all you give to me. Let’s crack on together  Lord! Lead the way. Amen


Dear Lord, please fill me with your Spirit, peace, joy and love. Help me to love others as you love me. Help me to be patient, kind, compassionate and not be easily angered or offended.

Give me wisdom to know when to speak or be quiet when dealing with difficult people and situations. May others see you in all I think, do and say.

Challenge me in the way I live life that I may grow closer to you each day. Amen


Father, Thank you for pulling me out of the darkness and into the light. I know that I have not reached the “full light of day” yet but with you as my rescuer, my friend and guide, I know I am travelling in the right direction. Help me in my struggle, to avoid dark paths and things that tempt me to leave your side. Keep me conscious of the way I should act and how I should speak as a follower of you. Use me to encourage others to be aware of your light, to see that light and to step into life with you. In Jesus name we ask. Amen  (Proverbs 4:18-19)


Father God, Thankyou for the promise that you will never leave us nor forsake us and that especially in this time how close you have been. We pray for opportunities to spread your love and show people your loving nature. Amen   (Anonymous)