During this period of reflection, we think about all our loved ones.

For all those who woke this morning
to the loneliness of bereavement –
the empty bed or chair,
an unaccustomed quietness,
a life now incomplete –
may they know your presence
in the stillness of the day,
and through the love of friends
who offer their condolence.
And in the darker moments
may they reach out to hold your hand
and feel the warmth of the One
who has already passed from death to life
to welcome others into God’s Kingdom.

St Peter’s Day Service

Weekly Prayers


Student’s prayer: Lord God, thank you for who you are. For your goodness and graciousness even in such times as this. Lord give us strength to always look for your good in every situation and to always act in kindness no matter the circumstance. 

I ask for your grace this week so that whatever comes my way I will have strength to get through. Thank you, that as I put my trust in you, I am able to know more of you each day. Amen


Student’s Prayer:

I pray for the family of S.Peters School, even though we cannot meet together as normal at the moment. We thank you God for the staff  keeping things going and parents for all their support. We pray that we will be able to return to normal when the time is appropriate. We also pray that GCSE and A-level students will get the grades they need. (JS)


Dear Lord, you spoke to us about loving others, no matter how they treat us and you showed us by your humility in life and death what that looks like. In your resurrection you enabled us to welcome Holy Spirit into our lives that we too could forgive those that hurt us. We pray today, for these kinds of people that we know in our lives, that we may come to seek the best in them, forgiving them as you have forgiven us. Amen


Father God, I come to you today to ask for your mercy and healing on our situation with Coronavirus. As we return to things we have missed, we remember those no longer with us and even in our pain, our sorrow and anger, we seek you for healing and mercy.

In these scary times comfort us. Help us to encourage others, give ourselves to support those in need and pray for frontline workers and their families. We are in this together Lord. Amen


A Prayer for Uncertain times:

The Light of God surrounds me.

The Love of God enfolds me.

The Power of God protects me.

The Presence of God watches over me.

The Mind of God guides me.

The Life of God flows through me.

The Laws of God direct me.

The Spirit of God abides in me.

The Joy of God uplifts me.

The Strength of God renews me.

The Beauty of God inspires me.

The Reality of God comforts me.

Where I am, God is with me.