‘Let’s Dance’ Dance Festival- Sold Out Success!

Primary and Secondary ‘Let’s Dance’ Dance Festival

Sold Out Success!

Last night we had over 100 primary school students from a range of different schools take part in the S.Peter’s  Dance Festival. The theme ‘Around the World’  was loosely narrated by two S.Peter’s sixth form students who took the audience on a backpacking journey. Each area in the world was performed through a a variety of dance styles. Styles included, Gymnastics, African, Bhangra, Martial Arts, Chinese Fan dancing, Contemporary, Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Street Dance.

The whole of the block surrounding the Hayward Theatre from 6pm was a hive of activity; students getting ready into costume, having final rehearsals and sending messages of encouragement to each other. The lighting, music and set added to the overall buzz and the students were so excited, it was a pleasure to see.

The S.Peter’s dancers too were exceptional. They not only performed an array of styles from around the world, but they helped the younger ones and supported backstage.

The audience along with the head teachers from the Primary Schools arrived as excited, and although the show started at 7pm, were ready and waiting by 6:30pm. The show was a sell out and the atmosphere within the room all night was electric. It was great to see the audience members cheering and supporting the children with elated faces.

Thank you to Mr Badhen and Mr Leek for the technical support and Mrs Leek for helping support last night.

We have one more night tonight, starting at 7pm, and again it’s a sell out!

As a teacher I couldn’t have felt prouder to see these children on stage! I am looking forward to another great night tonight.