Investors in Pupils

Recently the student council have been working on an award called investors in pupils.

What is investors in pupils?

The process of completing the award will help year 8 students understand how the school is run, the adults who contribute to their education and how we are financed. It is an award which recognises and emphasises the value of students’ voices, encouraging them to have a say in how their school is run.

There are 5 main areas for completing the award;

  • Attendance
  • Behaviour
  • Classroom management
  • Learning
  • Induction

How are we doing?

There are 18 points which we have complete.  The Student Council is confident that we have already achieved 8 of them. Year 8, Mr Maullin, Miss Pritchard and y8 students have worked really hard and are continuing to help the Student Council complete the award.


On 28th November the Student Council were off timetable all day to work on ILP. There has been a lot of progress and we look forward to sharing this with Mr Lewis, teaching staff and year 8.


Student Council Reps:

Sam(Year 10)

Harry(Year 9)