Dear Parents and Committee Members,
As Chairman of the Friends’ of S. Peter’s Collegiate School Association, I would like to formally invite you to our AGM (Annual General Meeting) on 20th October 7.00pm, venue is the Drama Studio, Millennium Block.
The Friends’ of S. Peter’s manage the fundraising which contributes towards improving facilities, equipment and the general environment of the school site, which in turn benefits the education, security and community of each student at S. Peter’s.
This is your chance to help us, to help them. We are always pleased to see new faces on the Friends’ Committee and I would urge you to join our Association and offer whatever help you feel you can, your child with benefit.
This letter forms part of the constitution rules, by way of a 30 day notice of an AGM meeting.
We look forward to meeting you all and would welcome any parents who would like to be involved with the Friends in the future.
Rupert Doley
Chair of the Friends.