Dan Fox- An Incredible Journey!

During a family holiday to Wales in May 2019 Dan Fox (an ex-pupil of St Peters School) had a series of brain bleeds. He was taken to a hospital in Aberystwyth, but due to kidney failure, he was then transferred by air ambulance to Carmarthen where he suffered further seizures and developed pneumonia. His parents, Martin and Cath, and his sister Laura and her partner James, like Dan all Christians, were warned to expect the worst when Dan then caught an infection and went into septic shock.

“There was a lot of praying at this time” said his parents adding “the hospital Chaplain was a great source of support to us as a family, as were many others.”

In June, following several complicated procedures, Dan’s condition stabilised and he was moved by helicopter to the Royal Stoke Hospital. Over the next few months, as his awareness started to return he also began to move his fingers, talk again and drink fluids. In August he moved to the Haywood Hospital in Stoke which is a smaller hospital with rehab facilities.

He then continued to make gradual progress with movement and speech. He had the use of a motorised wheelchair for a while, which gave him more independence. Despite a further seizure in December 2019 he continued to make progress. “Dan’s mental skills remained excellent” said his parents “he regularly beats us when we play board games and quizzes with him!”

Early this year, 2020, Dan gained funding to transfer to Hunters Moor Neurological Rehab Unit in Hall Green, Birmingham. Great news! No date was set however and as daily visits to Stoke were about to stop on March 20 due to Coronavirus, Martin and Cath were preparing themselves and Dan for ‘separation’ and had re-introduced Dan to his mobile phone.

Then, unexpectedly, on 1 April, they had a phone call to say that Dan would be moving to Birmingham the next day. Physical distancing restrictions meant Dan had to travel and settle into a new environment in isolation from his parents. However, he is doing well and receiving regular physio, speech and occupational therapy sessions. He spends his days in a wheelchair but has been helped to stand for very short periods with a lot of support and has also started to take a few steps once again with lots of help.

“Physically there are a lot of challenges ahead in re-learning to use hands and feet and develop more speech but mentally, Dan is in a good place” his parents report. “We must also pay tribute to the amazing consultants, doctors, nurses and other support staff who have helped Dan on his journey”.

“It’s great that Dan has been able to connect with his Church Groups again with the use of IT. Thanks be to God for supporting Dan on his journey so far and for all the answered prayer.”

Martin & Cath Fox (Parents of Dan Fox)

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