DNA – final show tonight!

The Sixth Form of S. Peter’s Collegiate School, proudly present their production of DNA by Dennis Kelly. The last performance is at 7pm in the Hayward Theatre tonight!. Tickets are now sold out but you may be able to get in on the door…

DNA by Dennis Kelly follows the silent yet intimidating, 16 year old Phil, and his fearful following of misfits as they come to terms with the consequences of a practical joke that ends in tragedy. This piece deals directly and powerfully with hard hitting, relevant issues, such as violence, guilt, unrequited love, tyranny and solidarity within a group of adolescents who have placed themselves at the edge of society.

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Winter Wonderland Tickets on Sale

We are really happy to announce that ticket’s for Winter Wonderland are now on sale and available from the finance office.

The show takes place on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th December, starting at 7pm. Tickets are £5. Friday has now SOLD OUT!

We have a cast of over 70 students ranging from Y7 right through to Y12 who have been working hard since the end of September. Including four mini pantomimes, some of your favourite Christmas songs and a good dose of surprises, Winter Wonderland is a festive evening of entertainment for the whole family so please come along and support.


Winter Wonderland – Coming Soon!

The Drama and Dance Department proudly present their production of Winter Wonderland on Thursday 11th & Friday 12th December, at 7pm in the Hayward Theatre. Tickets are £5 and are available from the Finance Office.

Including four mini pantomimes, some of your favourite Christmas songs and a good dose of surprises, Winder Wonderland is a festive evening of entertainment for the whole family.

Click here to see more rehearsal pictures

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Year 11 BTEC Performing Arts

The Y11 BTEC Performing Arts class proudly present their devised examination pieces, ‘What’s your story’ and ‘No happy ending’. Come and support them on Wednesday 12th November in The Hayward Theatre at 4pm. Prepare to be moved, shocked and entertained.


Missed ‘Hairspray’?

Didn’t manage to get your hands on a ticket for Hairspray? Here are a few sneak peaks from our dress rehearsal to give you a taste! Full album released soon.






You can also purchase your copy of the cast photo from the Finance Office!

1Hairspray Cast


St Peter’s Collegiate School wowed audience members with the upbeat production of the musical Hairspray. Family and friends of cast members, as well as teachers, turned up to support the 4 consecutive shows that took place Tuesday 23rd-Friday 28th March.

With talented students of all years providing a live band throughout the sold-out shows, the high tempo atmosphere was created, enticing audience members to relish in the toe-tapping, hand-clapping, hip-twisting rhythmic music. Mr Peacock, a music teacher from St Peter’s, who accompanied the students in the live band, described the show as ‘slick’ and ‘well produced.’

Other staff members commented on the show such as Mr Szwarc who felt that it was a ‘wonderful integration of students who all performed amazingly.’ With enthusiasm he added, ‘what a feel good factor!’ Mrs Pritchard, who attended Thursday nights performance, said, ‘it was sensational, showcasing amazing talents we have in school.’ She went on further to say, ‘I haven’t seen hairspray before and I felt that the storyline was important and addressed important issues with race and people looking different such as Tracey.’

It’s safe to say the live band kept momentum up throughout the production, along with excellent stage presence of Sarah Fellows who played leading role, Tracey. It was clear to see the comedy element of the musical was bought to the forefront by all cast members, especially Ben Dugmore, who followed in the footsteps of John Travolta, playing the female role of Tracey’s mother, Edna. An ex student of St Peters called Hannah Victoria said, ‘the show gave me joke and made me weak with laughter.’ Other students said ‘it was great’ and were delighted with the overall performance.

Onlookers were definitely taken on a trip back to 1960’s America with fake lashes and beehives, to vibrant fashion trends and eccentric dance moves. Along with the 60’s, of course, came the inter-racial struggle, seen in this musical through the segregation of black ‘detention’ kids and white kids.

Hairspray not only bought forth comedy, love and talent, it highlighted the fact that whether you are like the ‘detention kids’ or the ‘regular kids’, we all come from the same God who made us in his perfect image. Mrs Pritchard agreed that it ‘showed we are all the same with emotions and feelings.’ Through the masquerade of dancing, singing and American accents was presented the true message that everyone is equal regardless of race and cultural background. Rev. Paul Cody summed it up saying, ‘its proof that God exists’ as the segregation in the musical was proudly overcome.

Through delivery of the impressive costumes, set and lighting, the 1960’s feel and look was captured perfectly. The American accent was spoken naturally giving a ‘convincing performance,’ as said from an audience member who attended the first nights show. The theatrical aspects of the show such as lighting, décor of the set and actual stage set up intensified the production creating a feeling of excitement and a real buzz among cast members and audience members.

The director of the show, Mrs Pryor-Andrews said she was ‘incredibly proud of all the cast.’ She added, ‘they worked so hard and it’s paid off.’ As a director, there is nothing more you want than to have your show be a success and Hairspray surely was that and proved successful.

Reviewed by Sandeep Bhardwaj – Year 13

— Hairspray Review

Hairspray Success

A massive thank you to everyone who attended, or supported the school production of ‘Hairspray’. The show was a complete sell-out and has been extremely well received by audience members.

The 54 strong cast, made up of students from Year 8 to 13, performed with confidence and enthusiasm, accompanied by the incredibly talented student band.

Mrs Bowden, Chair of Governors, said, ‘The show was superb, the cast have done S. Peter’s proud.’

Well done to everyone involved!

1Hairspray Cast



Hairspray: Now SOLD OUT!

We are delighted to announced that next week’s production of Hairspray is a complete sell out!

Hairspray Poster NEW time

Thank you for buying your tickets! We look forward to seeing you at the show!


Hairspray: Band Call

Preparations for Hairspray are in full swing and the band and cast have been enjoying some fantastic music rehearsals to prepare for the show. It’s sounding great!!


Tickets are selling very fast so book now to avoid disappointment.

Tickets are available from the Finance office for £7 (including a free soft drink at the interval)


We are pleased to announce that tickets are now on general sale!

We have already sold over 360 tickets so get yours before they sell out!

Tickets are available from the Finance Office for £7 and they include a drink during interval.

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— Hairspray Tickets Now on General Sale!