Families wishing to make an application to the school other than a transfer to from the Primary to Secondary phase should contact their Home LA to request an INCAF [In-Year Common Application Form] which should be completed and returned to them.

In Wolverhampton, SSIAPP [Secondary Social Inclusion Advisory Placement Panel] refer applications to the Governors for consideration and the outcome of their deliberations is relayed back to this panel.

The Academy has been heavily oversubscribed for a number of years which means that every year group is full.

Governors give careful consideration to all applications they receive, however, once the places have been offered and accepted and the year group is full, any further application to a year group is subject to the same scrutiny as if it had been received at the time appropriate for New Intake entry. [Usually December before the entry the following academic year]. If Governors view that any application, which fully meets the criteria, presents an overwhelming case, defined either by virtue of a family’s commitment to the life, work or witness of their faith or from evidence of particular need of the child recognised by the family and/or their supporters, which could be particularly well met within the caring Christian environment of this Academy, despite the fact that the year group is full, admission is granted. Nevertheless, in the interests of the applicant and students already in the Academy, Governors will also wish to consider the extent to which the child’s curriculum and pastoral needs can be met without undue prejudice to the efficient use of resources.

Parents, of course, have the right of appeal against the decision not to offer a place and a statement is issued annually explaining why all applications made cannot be offered a place. This statement can be found here and details of the appeal process and necessary papers can be accessed here

For any further information required, you can contact the Admissions Officer at the Academy on 01902 558600 or by emailing admissions@speters.org.uk

S Bowden

Admissions, Appeals, Public Relations and Student Welfare Committee